All Systems GO

Less than 24 hours to go until the 120th Boston Marathon. The miles have been run. The muscles have been massaged. The carbs are being consumed.  There’s nothing left save get to the start and run the race.

My legs took a hammering this year. Up until Wednesday, my quads and hip flexors still felt like garbage. But then they started to come around and, if I’ve timed everything well, the legs will be solid in those later miles.

The only curve ball at this point is the weather — predicted temperatures in the 60’s F at start time, which is 20-30 degrees higher than what I’ve been training in. It’s not super warm, but that delta over the distance can play games as dehydration becomes a factor.

Otherwise, my race strategy is very simple. Run the first half “easy”, the next 10 km steady tempo until I’m over Heartbreak, the last 10 km as fast as I can manage. Last year, I saved a lot for the finish — maybe a little too much — but it worked out well so no reason to change. But every race is unique and with this just my fourth marathon ever, there’s not too much of a pattern to work worth.

Next stop, Boston.


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