My training program for this year’s Boston Marathon is a lot like last year’s: lots of running squeezed into just a few weeks, no taper. Most runners train year round but since I’m coming off a nordic skiing, I have to do a rapid adaptation to get my legs used to the road miles. Aerobic base is not a problem, but it has to be converted to specific running technique and physiology.

Last year, I did that adaptation over 8 weeks. As one can see from my very scientific tracking data (above), I’m trying for a similar plan this year, though I’ve got myself a few extra weeks. One notable difference in my program is… Continue reading

Marathon Prep

With Sugarloaf cancelled for lack of snow and my ski season rapidly becoming a memory, I decided to run the Marathon Park Prep race in Ashland. The plan was to run this half-marathon as a fast distance workout, not go too hard, but I never really stick to plans like that.

I lined up near the front — but not too close –with about 600 like-minded runners beneath sunny but cold skies, at the site of the original Boston Marathon starting line. The horn sounded and we started. Two very thin, young looking guys took off right away while I settled into the front group, at least keeping my promise of not going out too hard.

The week had been an intense one. Threshold intervals on Tuesday; I had gone deeper than I had intended, even though I felt amazing doing it. And I racked up some additional miles in subsequent days and maybe my legs hadn’t quite recovered yet.

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Pulling The Plug 

  So ends the 2016 ski season. Out with a sad soggy finish on a dirty slushy patch of snow at Leo J. Seventy degrees and then the rain…the balance of races cancelled for lack of snow. The skis are packed away, awaiting next year and hopefully a better season. 

The Boston Marathon is around the corner. And the running weather is good.