2014 Winter Classic 5k

cambridge winter classic I ran the Winter Classic 5k last week with my yoga running group.

It was supposed to be a fun race. With beer afterward.

This time of year, I’m better suited to being on the snow in 30 degree weather. But snow has been scarce so far.

But a race is a race. I stuck to my recent strategy of starting out easy and working my way into the race.

And that’s what I did.

My first split was 5:36. A little hot. But I felt smooth.

I didn’t look at my heart rate or my times the rest of the race.

I just ran. Ran fast.

I had enough left in the tank to kick into the finish.

And at the line, I had personal best. 17:07, 5:30 pace.

As fast as I’ve ever run in anything other than a 5k. Or longer.

After the race, I drank a couple of beers — Jack’s Abbey Brewer was one of the sponsors — and I had a good buzz going before noon.


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