Summer’s Over



The Summer of Bike is officially over.

I had planned to finish things off with the Boston Mayor’s Cup, but my son came down with a high fever, and I couldn’t leave him alone.  It’s not how I had planned to end the season. I was locked and loaded:  clean bike, fresh legs, gear staged, well fed.  But in the end, I was where I needed to be.

Nonetheless, I spent the balance of the weekend feeling blue-balled and looking for ways to relieve myself. There was a race down in Connecticut on Sunday, but that felt too far away.  So, instead, I ran 10 miles in the morning, then did an easy spin on the bike in the afternoon, getting back home just before the skies opened.

The mornings are cold now. I’m fighting daylight. This season of transition is the toughest one for me.  In a few weeks, I’ll run the BAA 1/2 Marathon.  13 miles seems easy at this point, but I won’t run it fast. Or so I say.

And it’s back on rollerskis, too. Because I’m way behind on the ski workouts. Sure, I’ve been “ercolating” in the basement, but that’s not the same as balancing while on a moving object. Then it’s onto the snow. I’m having a hard time motivating for winter right now. But I’ll be ready when the snow falls.

For now, I want to revel in the summer. It was a good one. I found my cycling legs again after many years. I fell in love with my bike again. I raced some races and won some money. And I’ll be back.

Next year.


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