Le Tour Hebdo

20140711-220127-79287405.jpgI’m a week into the Tour de France and it’s been rough going so far.

Stage 2 was effectively a classic like LBL. The flatter stages, with the crosswinds and rain, sliced and diced the peloton and the time splits have impacted the GC. And the pavé of Roubaix were just cruel to those skinny climbers.

I’m frankly surprised to hear the riders complain about it. Even Cancellara tried to back-pedal from his cracks about take out some secteurs, take out some climbs. When did bike racers become such pussies?

The crashes seem worse this year.

We’ve lost a lot of favorites and contenders:  Cav, Froomey, Schleck.  And they’ve gone out in horrific fashion — broken bones, ruptured ligaments, head injuries.  When everybody wants it so badly, and nobody is willing to back off, it doesn’t take much to upset the delicate equilibrium of the peloton.  And the challenging parcours only amplifies the impact.

France hasn’t seen this much carnage since World War I.

Gone is the Sky machine.  The OPQS lead out train is in shambles. And the thought of a Sicilian leading rail to rail is making everybody a little nuts.  And that is made this one of the most exciting Tours in years.


I hope I can survive two more weeks.


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