26 Things About The Boston Marathon

boston marathon 2014

1. My time was 5 minutes faster than my qualifying Quebec City marathon.

2. My average heart rate was 164 bpm.

3. According to my Polar RCX5, I burned 2,557 kcal.

4. I finished in 2,880 th place, out of 31,931 runners.

5.  I swore to myself that I wouldn’t consider any follow-on sporting events for at least one week.

6.  I took a leak (ninja style) in the starting corral about 5 minutes for our 10AM start. I didn’t have to pee again until 4:30 PM. I may have been a little dehydrated.

7.  My co-worker hosted me at her house in Hopkinton, 1/4 mile from the start. It was a pleasant, relaxed way to start the race and gave me the chance to squeeze in an extra cup of coffee.

8.  In Quebec, my quads started to fail with 10 miles to go. In Boston, it was 4 miles. If I were to do a few more marathons, I might make it to the finish, but see point 5. See also next point.

9.  I started training in earnest for Boston only 10 weeks beforehand.  I rarely ran more than 3 times/week. I may have been a little undertrained for running (though I had plenty of skiing).

10.  The hardest part of the Marathon was going DOWN the stairs into the T-station after the race.

11.  Going over Heartbreak Hill, I gave a high-5 to a random spectator. I looked at him as I passed. It was Luca, one of the boys I coach on my ski team.

12. I watched the marathon on TV afterwards. I could hardly remember anything from my race between miles 23 and 25 1/2.

13. In the first mile or two, a large number of runners peeled off into the woods to urinated.  It reminded me of Monty Python’s “Marathon for the Incontinent.”

14. When my son met me at the train station after the race, he had a large Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee for me. It was just what I needed.

15.  I couldn’t find my Polar GPS unit in my dirty gear bag when I got home so I was pretty sure I had lost it in the changing tent after the race. A few days later it I found it in my running shoe.

16.  The D-Riverside train out of Boston was really crowded. Some nice girls from Lexington saved me a seat so I wouldn’t have to stand. Thank you!

17.  I’m going to lose most of the toenails on my right foot.

18. Running through Washington Square at mile 24, I heard somebody call my name. I turned as saw my friend Ara.  He took that picture (above) as I ran by.  It’s the only thing I remember from that point in the race.

19.  I passed several runners competing on prosthetic legs. They were impressive and when I saw them it made the pain in my legs seem insignificant.

20. After the race, I was surprised to see I had a sunburn on my shoulders.

21.  I ate a pear in the finishing chute. It was the juiciest, tastiest pear I had ever eaten.

22.  I’ve been on a pretty good endorphin high since Monday afternoon.

23.  I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich for breakfast the day of the Marathon.

24. Marathon finishers were able to ride the T for free Monday afternoon.

25. I “donated” my warm-ups at the start line in Hopkinton. It was a track suit from last year’s Haloween costume. I was Pre.

26.  The Dropkick Murphys “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” was the last song on my Marathon playlist and the first song I heard along the race route.



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