Final Lap

weston ski track ski boston

Winter is still holding fast at Weston Ski Track.

The Tuesday Night race series was wrapped up — I somehow managed to win it again for the second year in a row! But I had missed the costume race and awards last week — I was still in the air on my way back from Malaysia.

I was pretty much done with ski season. And probably should have stayed clear of any more skiing. But tonight was a bonus. A race during daylight. And still some pretty good snow.

But I didn’t last too long.  My skis got lost in deep snow on the first hairpin. I spun out. I felt a sharp pull in my right leg.  I went down and had to wait while skier after skier skied over my pole. I managed not to break it. I got back up. I started skiing again.  But I was pretty much done.

I have less than six weeks to go until the Boston Marathon and I’ve managed to stay injury free.  I wanted to keep it that way. So I skied a lap or two at the back.  Skied a bit with my son who was doing his first Tuesday Night race.

Then I stood on the side of the track. Watched the Harvard boys ski away from everybody. Wondered if I’d have been able to keep up with them.  It was nice to watch the race. For a change.

It’s been good ski season. All things considered. It’s been good.


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