Hot Run in Penang


I’m in Malaysia for work for a few days and need to stick with the marathon training program. It’s quite the sudden change from the snow and polar vortex of New England. It’s 95 F right now and was 80 F when I ran this morning.

It was dark for the first hour. I ran along the waterfront by the hotel. Back and forth on the mile long frontage. It felt like an old video game. I kept encountering the same obstacles: the old Asian man in white polo shirt, flapping his arms; the old Asian woman shuffling along and drifting side to side. The guy on a scooter on the sidewalk. Every so often there was a cute, spry young lady. That was extra points. A power up.

Once it was light out, I ran up to Penang Hill. The steep trails were closed due to fire danger. Penang is in the midst of a drought right now. I ran around the Chinese Cemetery, startled some cows, and headed back to the hotel.

At the end of it all I had run all 17 miles I needed to and preserved the plan.



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