Tuesday Night Sprints #3 and #4

Catching up…

Sprint #3 was the Charlie Foxtrot edition, with another skier getting all up in my stuff. He took the inside line on the first downhill turn — when there wasn’t a line to be taken. Knocked into me hard, but I stayed up.  I picked up the pace and he skied up on my poles for the rest of the lap.  On the final lap, I was coming around him up Mt. Weston, and he stepped on my ski. I spun out.  He attacked. I couldn’t bring him back in and settled for second.  I takes a lot to rile me up, after so many years competing.  This did it.

Sprint #4 was back to normal.  Fast conditions. Well groomed course.  During the warm-up, I was feeling pretty tired from racing Jackson just the Sunday before.  But I felt better and better the more I skied.  I attacked from the start.  Not so much an attack as picking up the pace.  It strung out.  And I kept stretching the elastic.  I snapped near the end of the first lap and I punched it hard.  I was riding the edge of blowing up and being under control. Once I had a little lead, I got it under control, but I was still nervous with 3 laps to go.  I could check the gap coming out of the hairpin turns, but the chase group was always closing in on me, so I went even harder. It was only after the race that I realized I hadn’t been accounting for the compression through the turn. I had already lost speed through the turn and was just picking it back up; they had yet to do so.

I crossed the line alone, with a healthy lead, spent. And happy.  That high lasted all night. The next morning, I was already picking apart the race, wondering how I could have increased my lead further, how I could have gone faster.


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