Tuesday Night Sprints #2: Monsoon Gore-tex Edition

Last week it was crazy cold. This week it was raining. Skiers appeared in the clubhouse with looks of despair on their faces. Some simply sat down at a table, still in their street clothes, and heaved a sigh and wondered why they were even there.

I was excited for some reason. Maybe I was expecting to do better with the slow slog conditions. Maybe I was just happy to be out there.

I started fast. Pushed hard the first lap. Was pretty sure I had gone clear with another skier. But something wasn’t right. I was too tired too quickly. My skis had gotten slow. Really slow. I was struggling to hang on in our group of four. Couldn’t even recover at the back and finished last man in the bunch.

But I learned a few things.

Never run anything warmer than red at Weston. I had put on Toko AX 135 “special World Cup” wax mixed with a little HF red. But Weston snow is so dirty because it’s made with Charles River water. Anything warm picks up all that dirt in a lap.

Ditto for structure. The coarse linear rill just picked up more dirt. My warm up skis were way faster.

Last, I still don’t have much high end. Not enough to do 5 km all out. It should come on in a bit. Until then, I have to ski a little smarter.


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