So It Begins

Heartbreak Hill

Heartbreak Hill, January 2014

Today I “officially” started training for the Boston Marathon with a 10-mile run through the snow, along the race route and up Heartbreak Hill.  The snow cushioned by footfalls, fogged up my glasses, collected on my jacket and soaked through. But it was a nice and the few runners I saw out there all had big smiles

I had been running regularly through the fall, a counterpoint to the ski specific training. And I’d been having some hip and knee problems, so I had backed off running a bit around the holidays.  Massage, strengthening and stretching has hopefully gotten that under control.

So today, I clicked it up the recovery/survival pace I had been running to something quicker.  And things went okay.

The Marathon only 3 months away.

I hope the weather improves by then.


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