MSA: The First Three Days





After Xmas, I hit the trails at Mont-Sainte-Anne. Hit them hard.

The formula was simple:  Eat. Ski. Eat. Sleep. Ski. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Fri 12/27 AM: Skate, 20.7 km, 1:52, 1085 kcal  PM: Classic, 21 km, 1:42, 1033 kcal

Sat 12/28 AM: Classic, 22.1 km, 1:57, 1144 kcal PM: Skate, 28.1 km, 2:00, 1221 kcal

Sun 12/29 AM: Classic, 24.3 km, 2:08, 1279 kcal  PM: Skate, 14.8 km, 1:09, 685 kcal

The weather was perfect — mostly sunny, no wind, 20’s F — until today, when the cold air and wind started to move in.  Temps dropped to single digits.  The wind chill was brutal.  I had icicles in my whiskers; other tender body parts froze. Thus the shortened ski this afternoon.  The temps are predicted to drop further with minus 30 called for on New Year’s Day. I should be gone by then.

There is very little complicate the day.  I’m in bed early and I sleep the peaceful sleep of the dead because I am so tired.  Well, maybe some nightmares about the climbs and descents of trail 24.  It’s easy to loose myself in this simple, monastic ritual of skiing.

What day is today? Sunday?

No. It is Day 3.


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