Cold Intervals, No Snow


Post-Thanksgiving, I’m starving for snow.  But with temps below freezing and none of the fluffy white stuff, the workouts still go on.  In this case, afternoon rollerski intervals with my training partner, Frank.

Classic intervals, approximately 9 and a half minutes each. Five of them.  Alternating full technique and double-pole.  At least, trying to double-pole.  The pavement is so hard at these temperatures, it’s hard to get the pole tips to grab and stick.

Other than having to watch out for traffic and road debris, it’s much like a workout on the snow.  Heart rate rises and falls.  Sweat builds beneath jackets and then freezes during recovery.  The wind burns.  The dick freezes.  The sun dips, shadows lengthen and throw more cold onto working athletes.

Thus, five intervals are cranked out, despite my initial disbelief at such prospects.  I feel stronger on each full-technique, but the double-pole cripples me. In the end, it is a successful workout and I head home for another round of Thanksgiving leftovers.



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