Freezing Rollerski

thermometer global warming cold

While some of my friends are heading out to West Yellowstone or planning northerly trips to snow, I’m still on rollerskis. So while this morning’s sub-freezing temperatures were a welcome sign of winter, without snow it’s just another hurdle to overcome.  Honestly, I debated going out into the cold and the wind to do rollerski intervals.  But I did it anyway.

The first few minutes were tough, with the wind cutting through my tights, finding its way through the holes in my gloves and burning the exposed skin on my face.  It was a shock to my body that had been used to temps in the 40’s, not much less, up to this point.  But then it started to feel normal.

I did threshold intervals — 6-7 minutes long, skate technique, alternating between full technique and no-pole.  I still felt out of shape.  The cold didn’t make the rollerskis feel any faster.  The headwind forced me to a crawl on the finishing climb.  My legs — the muscles in my hips especially — felt woefully inadequate.

But I did it anyway.


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