The Fleet: LOOK 695 SR


I picked up a new ride at the start of the season:  a LOOK 695 SR.

It took me a while to get to write about it, I’ve been enjoying it so much.  I was down in Austin riding with my friend.  This was his “spare” bike.  It was a perfect fit, he wanted to sell it and the price was right. I couldn’t say no.

The frame is full-carbon with an integrated seat post.  Look brands this frame ‘SR’ for ‘super-rigid’. The ride quality has been superb:  taut, responsive, comfortable.  The handling is crisp.  It feels like flying a jet fighter — not that I have any experience doing that.  The power transfer is solid, with little noticeable flex and most of that coming from the drivetrain and wheels.  It’s a beautiful looking frame, too — red and white graphics laid over luscious carbon weave.

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amy dombroski

I didn’t know Amy Dombroski personally.  I knew her name.  I saw her results.  I watched her race Gloucester.

She represents everything I ever wanted to be as a cyclist, only more successful.

And now she’s gone.

It hurts me to think that success on the bike is more and more about not getting killed.

There have been too many close calls this year alone.

Every time we go out on the bike, we  put our lives at risk.

So next time you ride, pay closer attention.  Don’t take unnecessary risks.  Stop at the light. Wait for the car to pass.

If you’re driving, put down the phone. Send that text later.  Give the guy or gal on the bike a little extra room.

Think about what we all stand to lose.

It’s not worth it.