Bike Intervals

romeo interval training

I’m trying to execute a quick turn-around so I can race the Boston’s Mayors Cup in a few weeks.  I really have no business doing this race.  After spending most of the summer training to run the marathon, I have plenty of aerobic base but the Law of Specificity isn’t working in my favor.  I have a little bit of time to optimize from some high-intensity on-the-bike stuff, so I did intervals tonight.

I’m still pretty tired from the marathon, so the intervals didn’t do much other than produce nausea and that thick, sticky Laurens Ten Dam-esque spit.  My heart rate values were pretty low.  I couldn’t get very high into the red zone.  My legs filled up quickly with lactic acid and then immediately bogged down.  On the plus side, my recovery was quick.

But that may not be enough to cut an hour and fifteen minute pro race.


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