Gran Prix of Beverly 2013

gran prix beverly 2013

Not much to say about this race.

I had a bad start.

Caught behind a guy who couldn’t get his foot into his pedal.  Lost a lot of positions there.

Had some trouble finding my rhythm on the technical course. Took a few laps before I could trust the bike and the tires in the corners.

Guys were blowing up. Gaps kept opening up. I kept closing them. That wouldn’t last very long. There was no room to recover, especially where the elastic kept snapping.

Hit all of the potholes on the course, including the big one on the back stretch where my bars slipped and both my bottles were ejected. But I stayed upright. Somehow.

Can’t say the same for other riders. Crashes at every other corner the first 10 laps.

The paramedics taking the guys off the fourth corner in stretchers were a bit of a distraction. Hope they were all right.

The race was neutralized at one point so it could come back together. I was in the splinter group, chasing my ass off to get to the front group. They never stopped racing. We did.

Of 100 starters, about 20 riders finished.

I was pulled by half-way.



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