This Is Happening…


For several years now I’ve been wanting to run the Boston Marathon. I think it goes back to Romeo’s due date being originally on Marathon Monday. We worried how we would get to the hospital with all the streets around Newton-Wellesley Hospital being blocked. But Romeo came early instead and we he left us early, I vowed I would run that race someday.

After the bombing, I decided to go for it. What better was to pay tribute? If not now, when would I do it? But there was one problem: I’d never been able to run the necessary training miles without getting injured.

But this year was already different. I had taken my sweet time to ease into running after ski season. I had avoided extreme intensity. All the races I had run were run at threshold. I held way back which was very difficult for me.

So when the idea started to sound possible, I consulted with my running buddies on CSU and got a plan. And I’ve been following that plan — more or less — plus the dryland ski training and the cycling, too.

Last weekend, I ran 17 miles, the furthest I’ve ever run in my life. I ran the the last 3 miles at tempo. I felt good. Strong.

I still have to qualify for Boston which will be a challenge this year because everybody wants to run after what happened.

This will hopefully happen at the Quebec City marathon in late August. I need to run under 3:15 to qualify but I’ll have to finish much faster than that to actually secure a spot.


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