marwe v2 rollerski replacement wheel

Saturday was the first rollerski of the season at Littleton. It was too soon. It felt like we had just gotten off the road a few weeks ago.  Some people like rollerskiing.  Not me so much.  The novelty has worn off.  I think I’d much rather be on a bike dodging the rutted pavement, potholes and crazy drivers.  I will admit however that the drivers seems to give you more forgiveness on rollerski than on a bike.

I’m trying an experiment.  I replaced the worn out wheels on my V2 rollerskis with the slightly less worn ones from my Marwe’s.  This way I get the benefit of speed reducers with the superior Marwe wheels.  The only hiccup seems to be that these wheels run much slower than the V2’s.  So slow in fact I don’t think I need the speed reducers.  I had a hard time keeping up with the fast group on Saturday.  Maybe it was the skis.  Or maybe it’s just me.


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