1996: The Stories So Far

A few months ago I started working on a series of stories about my final season racing bicycles at an elite level.  These stories have proven to be a challenge, requiring at times as much endurance to write them as the actions and activities took in the first place.  Each story forces me to go back through my artifacts to reconstruct the past.  There are training logs, race results, journals, newspaper articles, and, of course, the music I listened to at the time.  It’s been fascinating how a few details and some tunes can unlock memories from 15 years ago.  Often, they come in a flood and I remember everything in perfect detail.  But sometimes I need some help from old teammates who remember a story or may remember it a little differently, or who can corroborate facts that I’m not so sure about.

2013 will bring more stories.  I’m currently working on the one about early-season training in the Southwest.

Until then, these are the stories so far:

Stereolab, “Cybele’s Reverie” & Killington

“Loser”, Mad River & Binghampton

Superweek & “The Girl From Ipanema”

Pavement, “Unfair” & the California Cup


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