White Christmas

fischer carbonlite hole ski weston ski track

I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know:  the ones that involved skiing on snow.  Thanks to Weston Ski Track and five mighty snow guns, they’ve delivered just in time.  With cold overnight temperatures forecast for the next few days plus the chance of some real snow, things are looking up.  Yesterday, I was rollerskiing in the parking lot.  Today, skating on some nice white stuff.

This morning’s session:  8 x 3 minute intervals at race pace.  The snow was warm and slow (hey, I’m not complaining about snow).  I was on my rock skis — which I haven’t waxed since last March — because I wasn’t patient enough to scrape and brush my race skis.  So I worked extra hard just to keep the ski moving.  Heart rate was in the 175 bpm range.

The afternoon, I took my new race sleds out for an easy ski with my son.  Far more enjoyable on fast skis, on faster snow, and without the dry heaves that come with intense intervals.


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