Weston Ski Track, Day 2

weston ski track snowmaking csu

On my second day on snow, I skied in the early morning at Weston.  It was dark when I started.  My eyes strained to see the details of the terrain with the meager light from my head lamp.  I did skate for an hour on the 200 meter track.  I did at least 50 laps, switching direction every 5 laps so I wasn’t constantly turning to one side.

Dawn was just breaking as I finished up.  Total distance for the morning was 11 km.

In the evening I went back to Weston with my son, who was equally excited to be on the snow.  I did classic this time, using the tried and true Toko Base Green Binder for the manmade snow.  Another 40 or so laps, this time sharing the track with 60 plus kids from Dover-Sherborn high school.  My classic technique came back quickly.  I had feared that all summer and fall on rollerskis would have set me back. This year should see another big step up for my classic skiing.

On the way back home, my son said he can’t wait for a real snow storm.

I agreed.


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