Any Workout Is Better Than No Workout


It can be tough getting workouts done this time of year. Without snow and the lighted track at Weston, outdoor ski workouts are limited to weekends and dawn hours. Neither the safest nor warmest times to be on the road rollerskiing.

On Thursday I skipped the rollerski intervals that I should have done at 5 am. I was on a recovery week already and opted to sleep a little longer and have a good breakfast. Part of the problem with these early morning workouts is how they mess with my sleep cycle and nutrition.

So I opted for the an alternative: intervals on the bike trainer in my basement dungeon after work. This is the extension of my summer dryland experiment of doing intensity workouts on the bike — as opposed to running.

Given my current level of fitness, it seems to have worked out. But as I approach the competitive ski season, such workouts may not be the most effective. Still, any workout is better than no workout.

I warmed up. I did six three-minute intervals with a minute and a half recovery in between. Each interval brought me to lactate threshold, about 165 bpm, where I held it until time was up.

By the end of the session, I felt like I had done what I needed to. Felt like I had brought myself to “normal.” Which is kind of sad. Sad because this is what constitutes normal. And that it took me all day to get to it.


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