A Dream Race

Petter Northug kuusamo world cup

Last night I had a dream that I was racing against Petter Northug…and I beat him.

I got the early jump on him.  He was surprised.  I was surprised.  We raced over snow and pavement and dirt trails.  Sometimes on skis, sometimes on rollerskis.  Even once or twice on a bike, I’m pretty sure.

On the final hill to the finish in the stadium, I was barely holding my lead.  Everything was moving in slow motion.  My arms were like lead as I double-poled furiously in super slow motion.  I was certain he would catch up.  But then I was across the finish line and the crowd was cheering.  I had done it!  Unbelievable!

Petter was good-natured about his loss.  He smiled at me, congratulated me.

“How is this possible that I won?”  I asked him.

He smiled again and simply said,  “It’s your dream.”

Then I woke up.

But I still felt good about it.


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