Long Roll Redeemed

roller ski pole broken tip ferrule

I finally had a chance to do a long rollerski at Littleton this morning but it didn’t last long.

About 10 minutes in at the base of the first long climb, I lost my timing and  stepped on my ski pole. Then I tripped and did a superman onto the pavement.  I hit my left knee and hip pretty hard but at least I managed — this time — to keep my hands from getting pinched under the poles and thereby avoided breaking any fingers.

When I got back up I noticed I had broken the tip off my pole.  My day was over, I thought.  The group paused to make sure I was okay.  They suggested going back to the car to get an extra pole — I had none. Or maybe a run instead. Finally, Andy said, “You can at least ski no poles to the top of the hill.”

So that’s what I started to do. Half-way up the hill I realized I could ski the whole course without poles.

Or at least I could try.

Skating without poles is the nordic equivalent of pedaling a bike with only one leg.  Under typical circumstances, I  finish a long roll feeling exhausted. I figured I would just do the short loop. But I did the Harvard Extension instead.  And fought my way up the steep climb out of the town center.  Then I added the long loop extension.  And then the Neighborhoods.

When we got to Hill Street, I was pretty sure I was going to blow to pieces. But I cleared the first steep section and just felt stronger and stronger.

At the end of the day, I had done over 2 hours, 30 km and burned more than 1400 kcal. Moreover my legs felt pretty good (my arms felt great).  But, my hip and knee will be sore tomorrow.

And that’s how I turned a shitty start into a very good training day.



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