Hot Mess


I’ve gone back to my cycling roots and started using what some may refer to as “old man cream”.  I prefer the term “embrocation”.  It’s particulary useful for these colder weather workouts where a vigorous rub down stimulates the muscles and breaks up some of the knots and tension that seems to get worse year after year.

I’ve been using Sportique Get Going Cream and D.Z. Nuts In Heat (high heat).

I can only use a little of the High Heat stuff.  It’s pretty powerful.  I put some on my knees, hips and lower back.  As you workout and sweat, the moisture activates the heat and helps fight the tightness.  Just make sure to take your last pee before you start messing around with the hot cream.  You should also pay attention if you wear contacts.

I shared this approach, a ‘secret weapon’ of sorts, with a friend.  He told me a story of the uphill rollerski races in Germany.  All the old men would show up lubricated with Sixtus oil and the younger guys would wonder what the smell was all about.

To me, it will always smell like bike racing.


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