In light of the recent events associated with Lance Armstrong, I’m re-posting this as proof that you can compete clean and win against dopers. At the time I wrote this, I knew a lot more about Armstrong than I was willing to write down. In that way, I guess I was like all the other cowardly journalists, fans and commentators who looked the other way.

the Purity of Speed

When people find out I used to be a bike racer, they usually ask, “Was Lance on drugs?”

I was a contemporary of Lance and started racing with him when we were juniors in the 1980’s. I also raced with him in elite races when he was already a Euro pro and world champion and he would come back to the States to slum-it in races like the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic, Superweek or the Olympic Trials. That was before the cancer and all those Tour de France victories.

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