Recovery Meal: Vlaamse Stoverij

vlaamse stoverij carbonnade St. Bernardus

When the autumn weather turns wet and dreary, it is time for some food that will warm you from within. I’ve been feeling in a hole from illness and injury and the pumpkin pie, as nice as it was, wasn’t cutting it. Since it’s the start of cyclocross season (for some, at least, not for me any longer), I went with something that recalls the Belgium heartland: Vlaamse Stoverij. Also known as carbonnade flamande, it is a beef and beer stew with onions, mustard and various spices.

Did I mention it has beer in it?

The beer can really make or break this dish. Since it was my first time making it at home, I wasn’t screwing around and went with St. Bernardus Prior 8, an Abbey-style “Dubbel”.

St. Bernardus Prior 8 vlaamse stoverij carbonnade flamande

I made a good choice.  The smell of the house while this was cooking was incredible. I tried to take a nap while it simmered on the stove but I was too excited to sleep.  I ate mine poured over some mashed potatoes, but that took some of the focus off the great flavors of the stew.  The little bit of leftover Prior 8 provided a nice companion.  I can only guess the number of calories concentrated in this dish.

Here’s the basic recipe.


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