Conquer the Weather

rollerskiing rain salomon v2

With 4 of the last 5 days less than ideal due to rain, I had to conquer the weather lest in conquer me.  So, despite the slick roads and iffy forecast, I headed out the door for a long classic rollerski when it appeared that the worst had passed.  Within 5 minutes it was raining again, but I was dressed for it and there’s nothing quite like classic rollerskiing to keep you warm.

I rolled through Newton, along Commonwealth Ave, up and over Heartbreak Hill, poling past the more dedicated runners, all the way out to Boston College.  Then back along the same route.  My pole tips weren’t grabbing well (despite brand new ferrules!) and my elbows were starting to hurt from driving the poles into the pavement.  Eventually, I made some adjustments to my technique and that helped.  I rolled through puddles with the skis sometimes hydroplaning and the murky water splashing up and into my face.  I started to get chilled with my wet clothes on the long gradual descent home.

Five minutes from home, it stopped raining.  I was covered with muck.  My boots were soaked.  My arms were sore.  But I was an hour and half the better for ski season.


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