pumpkin pie scratch

I rode myself into the ground the past few weeks.  Saw the warning signs — increasing morning heart-rate day-on-day, scratchy throat, fatigue — but pushed past them all the same.  There was so much going on.  I was finally on a good rhythm but with the Mayor’s Cup race approaching, I was full-blown sick and skipping workouts.  But I did the race all the same.  I needed to.  But I suffered for it.  And I’ve been paying for it all week.  Trying to transition back to dryland training.  Trying not to feel sick. Fighting the sense that I’m losing fitness and falling behind.

I keep having to remind myself to back off, ease up.  Recover now, otherwise, I’ll be in trouble come ski season.  So, I’ve drastically cut back my training program (less than 5 hrs total this week) to try for a full recovery.  That doesn’t help because this time of year, with the daylight fading fast, cold mornings and workouts ramping up, it always feels like I’m falling behind anyway.

And then there’s my foot.

One week to go until the B.A.A. Half-Marathon. I was optimistic when I signed up for it back in July but my recovery from the foot problems has been slow. I have run only a fraction of the distance necessary to be “competitive” at a 13-mile distance and what I have run has been agonizingly slow and painful.  My calves, especially.  The ones that that gave out on me in the Mayor’s Cup.  I’ll make a final call the day before the race.

Today I skipped the rainy rollerski and did an easy 1-hour run.  It wasn’t encouraging.  The pace was slow.  My foot hurt.  My calves hurt. I felt tired after the hour.  When I got home, I made a pumpkin pie — from scratch — to cheer me up.


2 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. pumpkin pie looks delicious. pie aside, have you tried taking off like 3-4 consecutive days? probably won’t heal the foot, and I’m the last person to offer advice on sustained injuries like that, but at least it should help kick the sickness. good luck.

    • Good advice and always something that makes more sense in retrospect. I did take 3 days off (not counting stretching and maybe some pull-ups). But I should have skipped the long run, Ercolina and hill bounding (jesters) in the days immediately following the race. I’m a slow learner.

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