Dog Days

enervit hot humid

The recent spate of hot, humid weather hit me hard.  Maybe it was the long car ride back from Jersey.  Maybe the morning yard work.  I was definitely on the bad side of good hydration.  An hour into my training ride, I was already starting to heat stroke.  Sure, I could have gone easier, especially after being at the shore all week.  But I couldn’t resist the chance to motorpace behind the cars past Walden Pond and into Concord.  It was only a few minutes effort at 60 km an hour, but it was enough to put me over the edge.  I kept having to remind myself:  it’s two-hour ride at a four-hour pace.  I have this bad habit of trying to squeeze a longer distance into less time.

I went through two full bottles and still it wasn’t enough.  I was feeling sick from the heat and couldn’t eat anything.  I knew I was in trouble when the heavy fatigue wouldn’t pass, even when soft pedaling.  When I exhaled, it was like fire coming from my mouth.

I bounced back for a long rollerski the next day.  I kept a steady stream of fluids going in the night before and all the next morning.  I was topped off for sure because I had to stop for a piss in the first half hour.  Nonetheless, I was still hammered after 2-plus hours of mostly double-poling through the heat.

I spent the rest of the day watching Olypmics coverage from the couch.  It was too hot to do anything else.


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