tuna steak baby kale aioli

The last week of training has been pretty intense with my family away on vacation and only work and eating to get in the way:

Last Sunday, 4 1/2 hours, 130 km on the bike.

Monday, rollerskiing technique and core strength.

Tuesday, 38 km on the bike with 30 minutes of speed.

Wednesday, rollerskiing specific strength (4 each double pole, no pole, single stick and V2).

Thursday, rollerskiing drills (ride the glide, skate hops, starts).

Friday, core strength circuit.

Saturday AM, 2 hrs 15 rollerski with no-pole skating, speeds and power 10’s.

Saturday PM, 40km on the bike, caught in torrential rain and thunderstorms.

Tonight I paid it all back with a seared tuna steak on baby kale with aioli.  I normally like to make aioli from scratch, but didn’t have the energy, so I pumped up some regular mayonaise with mustard, garlic cloves and lemon juice.



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