grilled ribeye steak kale with beer and mustard

I burned a lot of calories today and was craving a steak.  I don’t eat a lot of red meat so it’s a rare indulgence to go for it and today, after 130km on the bike, it felt well deserved.


Ribeye steak, prepared following Anthony Bourdain’s guidance:

“It’s basic cooking. Open flame, piece of meat, etc. I’m not a big fan of dressing up my steaks when grilling — a little salt and pepper after it’s been cooked and sliced will do — and nothing hurts me more than seeing a good steak turned into leather. Rare or medium rare, let it rest for ten minutes to redistribute the juices and finish cooking.”

Roasted banana peppers from the garden.

Dinosaur kale (to make up for the beef) braised with beer, mustard and garlic, garnished with roasted pine nuts.


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