Tape Job

leukotape plantar fasciitis running injury

I’m still dealing with this f***ing left foot plantar fasciitis which has now evolved into a heel spur.  Avoiding running hasn’t helped much — still spending too much time on my feet with and without working out.  I’ve stretched. And iced.  And kinesio taped. And taken ibuprofin.  And worn the Strassburg sock.  Every night.  For months.  All to no avail.

My latest attempt is a rigid taping (I’m using Leuktotape) to take the stress off the plantar fascia and hope that’s enough to settle things down.  I’ve used a Low Dye taping method I found on youTube.  It reduced the heel pain immediately, especially when standing and walking.  It takes about 10 minutes to do a good tape job and I’ll have to re-do it everyday.  I took it out for a bike ride this morning and it worked well.  I have still to try it out running.


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