30 Minutes In Heaven

Salomon speecross 3 trail running

Running workout tonight on the trails.  30 minutes of sustained threshold pace with surges every 5 minutes.  It was my first time on these trails.  They were rooted and rocky and slick.  In the humid air and fecund ground, I had trouble with my footing.  Rolled my right foot at least 5 or 6 times.  Maybe something to do with the aggrives ‘conta-grip’ soles on my shoes which were covered with mud by the end of the run.

Running through the woods in the humidity of late June beneath threatening skies felt primal.  Even with the heart rate monitor beeping away.  Even with the fancy shoes and sweat wicking fabrics.  I considered how this effort would translate to the ski track.  Cold. Snow. Gliding.  No rocks or roots to trip over (hopefully, not at least…last year there were more of those than was desirable).  With each successive minute at or over threshold, I could push harder into the red zone.  The ski season, still far off, was looking good.   By the end my legs were rubbery — especially with all those surges — and I was covered with sweat, dirt and an unknown amount of poison ivy.


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