Long Run Along The Beach


Yesterday’s workout was an early morning run from the hotel, out to the ocean and along the beach. I had the place to myself for the most part. Just the odd fisherman and elderly couple out for a morning stroll.

I ran all the way past the southern point of Lido Key, past the sign that warned swimmers of dangerous currents that I failed to see yesterday from the water, along the shoreline as far as I could go. Where the beach dead-ended at an inlet, I turned to the trails that wound through the mangroves. I got lost for a while in there, looking for shortcuts back to the main road that only took me deeper into swampy bayou.


Back on the road, I had the wind full in my face. I had been going pretty easy since it was a distance run and after so many long slow swims, I put in some speed. I sprinted to the top of the Ringling Causeway, the only hill of consequence if the area, and was pretty spent by the time I reached it.

From there it was an easy cool-down back to the hotel (total run time: 1:20), breakfast and a day at the beach.


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