Recovery Ride

laurens ten dam 2012 tour de suisse drool

I did an easy recovery ride on the bike the day after my two running races.  I needed to spin my legs out and take the weight off my feet.  My heels hurt and I bruised the nail beds in my toes. I’m definitely going to lose one of the nails.  Not pretty.  Which reminds me of Laurens Ten Dam.  This guy isn’t winning any beauty contests, but when he goes, he doesn’t hold anything back.  The picture above is Ten Dam at the Tour de Suisse, leading the peloton up the final climb of stage 3.  That string of drool forming at his mouth would eventually stretch out to be a few feet long.  Even Paul and Bob had to admire it.

In last year’s Tour de France, I watched Ten Dam’s horrific mountainside face plant on TV.  He rode to the finish with what very well may have been an old sweat sock tied around his face.   He finished stage and the race.  He suffered for it. But he finished.


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