Rollerski Intervals v. Glacier Camp

The first couple of times back on rollerskis always feels strange and has me missing snow.  Rolling along the pavement with ski poles seems awkward; the speed feels unreasonably fast with the threat of injury from a tumble onto hard tarmac.  It will pass with time and come December, the snow will feel oddly slippery and the skis won’t track the same as rubber wheels.

Tonight I rolled for a little over an hour doing specific strength intervals, similar to the Ercolina workouts but outdoors.  Full technique, no poles, single stick.  One minute each.  Repeat for a total of 10 intervals.  I felt sloppy and sluggish.  The skis felt like shit, slipping on the wet roads, dragging on the dry pavement. It will get better.

I saw a promo for an “on the snow” glacier camp in Alaska with Alaska Pacific University.  I seriously thought about it for a good fifteen minutes.  I even checked out airfares.  Expensive.  And schedule.  It takes a couple days to get to Alaska from the East Coast.  I strategized about how I might be able to skip out of work for a few extra days around July 4th.  Possible.  I calculated the odds of successfully convincing my family that it would be cool to split town over the holiday weekend. 3%.  Odd of pissing them off.  99%.  Snow will have to wait until winter for me.


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