Lost Weekend

left hand brewing polestar pilsner

Rain and generally crappy weather this weekend forced me to reconsider my training plans. I skipped Saturday morning’s rollerski. It was pouring and since I’m made of sugar, I was afraid I would melt. It was actually a lack of confidence in the rollerski wheels (and their/my ability to hold the slippery roads) more than the rain. My top priority is avoiding injury.  At my age I seem to get hurt every time I hit the ground and it takes longer and longer to heal. A few years ago, I was showing off and riding wheelies in front of the neighborhood kids on my bike when I fell and cracked a couple ribs.  Since then, I try not to take unwise risks. So I did an M2 Ercolina session, opting for a short, intensity workout instead of a long, wet, over-distance one.

Today, I ditched the run I had on the program.  I was thinking if I stay off my feet a little longer, the plantar fasciaitis in my foot might finally recover. I took my son rollerblading instead, uncertain if the rain would come on full force or break up and make way for sun.  After lunch, we went fishing. I stood knee-deep in the cool, clear water of the lake and cast about for trout for a few hours but had no bites.

I can usually find time and motivation to squeeze in an “extra” workout over the weekend, but the motivation wasn’t coming.  Sometimes, my body knows what it needs and this weekend, it was a bit of a rest…and some beer.


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