Early Ercolina Workout

polar RCX5 ercolina dryland nordic

Ercolina workout at the crack of dawn.  I woke up to a perfect clear morning despite predicted rain, then sadly realized that I didn’t have time to get out on the bike.  Still half asleep, empty stomach, and no coffee, I made my way to the basement to do the Ercolina instead.

Ten minutes warm up.  By minute 8, I was warm and awake. Then, 10 strength-endurance intervals of 1 minute each, with 1 minute recovery.  Cool-down.  The intervals are getting easier.  I can crank up the resistance a little bit more or go hard and faster.

I’ve been using the Polar RCX5 for this workout, though it’s not a heart-rate based session.  I can create an interval session on Polar Personal Trainer which is then transferred to the watch.  This let’s me concentrate on the effort and not worry about keeping count of the number of intervals or whether I’m on a recovery or effort.  It might however be a good idea to pay a little more attention to the counts:   last year, I missed the sprint in a nordic ski race because I lost count of  the number of laps we had left.


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