Kikkan’s Summer Plan

Whenever I read something like this, I’m always intrigued by the details of how an elite athlete lives. For a number of years — many years ago, now — I was able to focus exclusively on the pursuit of sport…albeit without reaching the same level as Kikkan.  I miss those days.  When that was all I did, I envied the people who would spend the weekend at a BBQ drinking beer instead of in the saddle at a bicycle race.  Now, I’m jealous of Kikkan Randall and other elite athletes who can devote their entire existence to the purity of training.

The most interesting thing I found were the extreme pull-ups:

…she’ll pull herself up with such power that she is able to clap her hands above the bar and then grab it to slowly lower herself. Eight is her record.

This is something that I’d like to try.


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