Rain Run

Did a long, slow run in the rain last night, after a max strength Ercolina workout.  The workout plan had called for a run with intervals, but my morning heart rate had started to climb.  So I skipped the intervals and tried to run closer to a recovery pace.  I think this is the first time I’ve been able to run at a low heart rate.   Strange to go “slow”.  There’s a lot of time spent in the green in that HR graph.  Many of my workouts can feel like cramming 2 hours into the hour and a half I have available.  I’ve heard some people refer to this as training in the “dead zone“.  The discipline to train at a recovery pace is as important as the discipline to do the hard workouts. I can always stand to improve my discipline.

I got soaked to the core running through the warm rain.  I finished feeling better than I did at the start and, apart from a chaffed right nipple, it was a nice run.


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