Run, Rain & Ercolina

ercolina upper body power workout dungeon

Yesterday, a trail and turf run in the rain at the end of the day.  Hungry all afternoon.  First 20 minutes warm up, then another 30 minutes tempo, below threshold.  On the trails, kicking it up for the tempo, my arms felt disconnected, my hands like balloons.  It passed.  Into the tempo interval, felt like I could run forever at that pace.  Yoga breathing along the single track.  Deep focus.  Cool down 15 minutes.

In the morning, my feet hurt and my right hip was aggravated.  From the roller skiing, I’m convinced.  I’ll have to look into that.

Tonight, rain again.  Ercolina in the dungeon.  My feet have worn impressions onto the concrete floor.  Sweat dripped from my head to form a puddle. The mouse traps.  The old toaster oven.  Strength endurance effort. One minute on.  One minute recovery.  Repeat 10 times.  Finished up with some core strength exercises. Done.



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