Long Wet Ride

cyfac starship rain cycling

I went out early, ready for rain, with a handful of Bag Balm and a layer of Sixtufit on my legs. The roads were slick from the showers that has passed overnight and the leaden sky promised more of the same.

I was going for distance, not speed. I kept away from the big gears. I worked through the vestiges of yesterday’s sprints still in my legs.  I tried to stay seated and spin a low gear up the hills. On the flats and downhills I tucked in the drops, stretched my back, got low and flat.  It will take some time to get used to this position again and then I’ll be able to put some power to it.

After 2 hours I was already feeling it in my legs. The “training” really started at this point. It was the same program but I had to concentrate to keep my legs moving, to hold the position, to resist the urge to coast along while the smoldering in my legs subsided.

The Stats:
Elapsed Time: 2:41
Distance: 80km, approx.
Avg HR: 138 bpm
Calories: 1780

I ate a banana and granola bar along the way. Drank a bottle of Cytomax.  I didn’t get rained on, but when I got home, I was covered with the fine grit of kick up and the bike was a mess.


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