Ercolina Workout

Ercolina nordic ski upper body power

I learned that I should have been doing upper body workouts during the “down” time between the end of the ski season and the start of dryland training (which begins next week!).  It’s not that I’ve been neglecting upper body work.  I’ve continued to do core strength workouts and my pull-ups routine, but they’re not specific enough for the rollerskiing that fills all of the summer and fall.  So I had to get back into.

The above photo is what the business-end of an Ercolina looks like.  The view is as uninspiring as it seems.  The cyclists out there will be more familiar with a home-trainer.  The principles are the same but the seasons are reversed.  This system uses dual magnetic resistance units.  I can crank them up enough to lift myself off the floor, but I don’t use them that way.

Tonight’s workout:  dynamic stretching to warmup, some pull-ups (22, in fact), run for 45 minutes, with my son riding along side on his bike.  (I took him up the steepest hill in town. He made it up and over but it was a “learning” experience.)

Then the ercolina:

  •  10 minutes warmup
  •  10 sets of 10 reps each, high resistance, one-minute intervals
  •  10 minutes cool down

This is a maximum strength workout, but done at a fairly low intensity this time.  Because this is the down time of the year.


One thought on “Ercolina Workout

  1. As a competitive cyclist I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s always tough to find a good off season activity that will help your in season. I have found great success with a TRX and Kettlebells. They’re fairly inexpensive, let you get a good whole body workout, develop strength where you want it, and avoid putting on weight where you don’t want it. That’s been my experience anyway.
    I’d be happy to talk further about it if you like.
    Best of luck,

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