On The Bike

cycling Massachusetts winding road

I’ve switched up the running to riding ratio so I am spending more time on the bike.  With the warm days and winding roads — like above — it’s been easy to roll along for an hour and a half at a time.  No surprise, the form comes back quickly after riding a few days in a row.  I am having the bonnes sensations, as the French say.  Today I rode 1:30, covering approximately 40km, I guess.  I don’t use an odometer anymore.  I pedaled smoothly, kept my heart rate under control and tried to go easy on the hills.  Once in a while, I turned a big gear on the descents.  Just to get a feel for it again. But mostly, I’m using the bike for recovery from the higher impact, higher peak power, repetitive stresses of nordic and running.  Eventually, I’ll have to get back to bike racing fitness, too.

I’ve been doing fewer, longer runs to allow more time for recovery but keep up the distance.  I’ve got some nagging plantar fascitis.  I’m hoping the longer recovery periods will help with that.  On Sunday, I ran a long one before the rain came.  One hour twenty minutes, 11 miles.  It was only slightly slower and shorter than my half-marathon implosion last fall.

Monday morning came and my feet and legs felt great.  Something is working.


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