Top view of the cockpit

A real training ride…of sorts.  Back on the “racing” bike with the full range of gears.   The position felt really strange after so much time away.  I reminded myself that I was just starting back on the bike and that I should spin a light gear and go way easier than I would otherwise be inclined to do.  I had to remind myself of this repeatedly.  When I did so, the ride was quite enjoyable, only a little cold at times.  I went for 1 1/2 hours, about 40km.  No efforts of consequence. Climbing again the hills that had taunted me last week on the fixed-gear was a non-issue.  From a cardiovascular perspective, I am very fit.  For cycling specific strength, I am an infant.   So pushing big gears, sprinting or spinning high cadence is better pursued with more miles in my legs. That will come with time.


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