Racing Flats

I replaced my old Asics Banditos with the Gel DS Racer 8.  I started using racing flats a few years ago because I was looking for a bit of an edge and a little bit more speed.  I’m not entirely convinced that the lighter weight or the thinner sole make a material difference.  The reality of it is that I’ll make enough mistakes to cancel out the absolute benefit of the shoes.  But what they do for my head is meaningful.  When I stand at the start line in a pair of these, I’m going to run hard.  I’m going to run fast.  I won’t give myself a choice.  The shoes won’t slow me down or get in the way (especially now that they fit!).  Fewer distractions means a better race. 

The old shoes were pretty cool with the silver and gold foil and I ran several PR’s in them.  But in the last go-round, my toes got crushed and ended up looking like this:


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