More Cowbell


The end of my nordic ski season was hastened by the arrival of early summer in New England.  Temperatures in high 70’s made short memory of snow, wind and cold.  Last year we skied until late March on the ever diminishing snow at Weston, and until the first weekend of April further north.  The skis have been cleaned, coated with their summer wax and put away.  The base layers, hats and gloves and race suits are packed up.  The roof box has been removed from the car and stowed in the cellar.  The snow tires (sadly, used very little this season) have been swapped out with the summer tires.

Training for next season starts in May.  I’ll start running more.  There will be core strength workouts and dry land training.  I’ll be back on roller skis before too long.

But first, I’ll rest a bit and try to recover.  I’ll review this past season while it is still fresh and think about what to do better or differently next year.

I only did 5 races of note this year (not to suggest that the 9 Weston Tuesday Night Races weren’t notable), although much longer distances:

  • Geschmossell
  • White Mountain Classic
  • Craftsbury Marathon
  • The Bogburn
  • Bretton Woods Marathon
  • Sugarloaf Marathon

The prize for completing 4 of the 5 races in the New England Marathon Series was a cowbell.

Last year I did more than 10 races, including several Eastern Cup races.  I did a better job managing my training load this year, but I couldn’t avoid getting sick and it dogged me the second half of the season.  Until Sugarloaf, I had only done classic technique races.  It was a building year for me with classic.  By the end, I felt much progress had been made, although I lacked the energy to take advantage of that improvement.

One thing that keeps me coming back to nordic is that there is always something to work on.  The technique is constantly evolving and I can always be a little more efficient, a little more fluid.  I can continue to improve my balance and strength.  I can get better at reading races and waxing skis.  I can be grateful that I am outdoors and active and surrounded by friends.


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