Weston Tues Night Series Wrap Up

The Tuesday Night Race Series wrapped up with nine official races. I did eight of them. I won one of them. I finished second overall. The prizes this year were beer and chocolate. My favorite prizes over the years are the ones you can eat or drink.

I started doing the Tuesday Night races in 2007. I finished 32nd overall. I’ve improved each year thereafter:

2008: 26th
2009: 12th
2010: 8th
2011: 5th
2012: 2nd

When I fell down a lot, I worked on my balance. When I understood how much upper body strength was required, I got stronger with core strength and Ercolina workouts. When I realized I couldn’t ski my way into shape (unlike bike racing, the ski season is way too short) I started to prepare in May and June with dryland training. I added roller skiing. I basically followed the CSU Juniors program, more diligently each year. I identified the technique and strength areas that needed improvement, then focused on them on the snow. I benefited from more experienced skiers and coaches who were generous with advice and feedback.

The return on effort has been rewarding and is its own motivation. There are few things — not cycling, not work — that provide the same payback for the input in such a short cycle. What’s more rewarding is getting fitter, faster and more capable throughout my late 30’s and into my 40th year. I may plateau in the next year or two. I may keep improving at this rate for a while longer.


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